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Don't most travel sites have a mutli-city travel option? Why should I use SQYGL?

Yes and no. Most travel sites do have a multi-city travel option, but they do not offer what SQYGL offers.  They require that you figure out the price from your first city to your second, and then to your third.  If you don't like that price, you can try a different order, but it takes a long time and the prices change frequently.  People have told us that they spend days or weeks planning one multi-city trip.

Only SQYGL searches all the possible routes in real time and provides you with the cheapest travel option in seconds.  SQYGL literally saves you hours (if not days) planning travel and saves you money in the process.  Now imagine how much better your vacation will be when you can spend your savings upgrading your hotel or seeing more sights.

Is SQYGL free? How does SQYGL make money?

SQYGL is not free, but we do not charge anything unless we can save you money.  With that in mind, we save money by looking at all the different routes through your destinations.  If you only have one destination, we cannot save you money by changing the order of the destinations (there is only one).  Thus, we give you those searches for free.

All other searches, we charge 5% of your savings to unlock the results for a single search or a flat subscription price to unlock unlimited searches.

I just received an error or I think I found a bug. How can I let SQYGL know?
The best and most direct way is to click on Feedback at the top of the page and then give us as much information as you can about the error you received.  Who knows, we might even reward you for helping us out!
Why does my search fail with an error stating "All Paths Failed"?
Many things can trigger an “All paths failed” error, but the most common reason that happens is because no airlines offer flights between the selected airports.  To help with this, we offer the ability to choose a city, rather than an airport.  When you type your origin and each destination, make sure you select the option in the dropdown that has a building icon, which is a city, rather than an airport which has an airplane icon. 
Remember too, that if you need to be in one of the destinations on a specific day, say you need to be in Dallas for a wedding on the 27th, be sure to click the Lock icon next to the destination and tell us what days you need to be there.  That will limit the results you receive to only ones that satisfy your requirements.
What is the lock icon next to my destinations?

The lock icon ensures that you are in that destination for the days you specify.  In other words, you "lock" that destination on those days.  For example, if you want to travel to several cities in Europe, but you want to have tickets for the French Open in Paris, simply click the lock and choose the dates you must be in Paris.  Then select the remainder of your destinations as you normally would.  You may only need to be in Paris a couple days, but your duration may be greater than the number of days that you lock.  In that case, SQYGL will always schedule you to be in Paris on your "lock" days but the remainder of your stay may be before, after, or split before and after.

SQYGL will use all the flexibility you give it to ensure you meet your travel requirements while still providing the bst price.

What is the orange circular icon next to my destinations?
That is the delete destination button.  Click it and it will remove that destination from the list.
I am getting redirected to a third party travel site? What's going on?
First, this is normal.  SQYGL does not book your flights for you, but rather, we find the least expensive way to travel from many travel sites.  When you book your travel, you will be redirected to the carrier or online travel agency with the best price.  When you are done with booking and close their window, SQYGL will be waiting in the background.  
Is SQYGL secure? I don't want my credit card number stollen.

The short anwer is yes.

There are many layers to this question, but the most important thing to remember is that the servers running SQYGL never actually receive your credit card number.  Your credit card number is sent to a third party (a leading company in the credit card processing area) for verification and fraud prevention.  They, in turn, send us a special single-use code that identifies your card without revealing any identifiable information to us.  In this way, we can safely use and store that code without fear that your card will be used by anyone else.  Even if someone found the code, the code would be invalid by the time they used it because we use or invalidate the codes during checkout.

With that said, SQYGL is constantly working to improve our security.  New threats emerge daily and we constantly monitor and adjust our security to prevent attacks.

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